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Welcome to A Lot of Content, A Little Bit of Style!


*06/23/05: Yes I know I'm still using phpwiki. Inertia is a powerful thing. Actually I figured out an ugly workaround to the page load failures that involves an echo command and suppressing all the phpwiki error output. Plus I used mediawiki some more and decided it was too structured for my tastes. Thus, it looks like I will be using good old phpwiki for a while longer. Also, have you looked at my flick pictures yet? *04/28/05: Apologizes for going back to the lame phpwiki default theme. I've got an intermittent problem where the front page doesn't load all the way, and it seems like it is a little less likely to happen with this theme. The real answer is I need to get MediaWiki installed.

  • 04/08/05: I've upgraded my wiki software to Phpwiki 1.3.11rc3. Please let me know if you see any problems. Hopefully I will be able to re-enable anonymous edits because this version has some anti-spam features.
  • 03/21/05: The moment I feared has arrived: spammers started scribbling all over my site and adding hundreds of bogus 'XANAX', 'VALIUM', and 'V1@GRA' pages. Thus I have no choice but to lock down the site. Technically you can still edit if you have a username and password, but that's only me right now. Hopefully I will work out some anti-spam procedures so I can turn anonymous editing back on. Anonymous edits are one of the most enjoyable aspects of a wiki - I love it when people leave little random notes on my website. I didn't even really mind it when I was getting a spam page once a week or so - I could easily delete them. However, I don't have the time to delete hundreds (or thousands!) of spam pages from my site every day.
  • 01/28/05: A couple of notes: first of all, I finally got a better scanner, so expect to see lots more pics. Secondly, I'm posting most of those pictures on my flickr site, so be sure to check there. Don't worry, I continue to post new and exciting content directly on this website too. In particular, check out MyArticles for an update on what I've been writing. Oh, and New York in January is still feeezing cold.
  • 10/01/04: I've been experimenting a lot with using Flickr to post my camphone pics, so you might want to view my Flickr photostream.
    Don't worry, I'll still be posting pictures here too.
  • 06/12/04: Check out the PictureAlbum for the latest NYC pics.

New York Update

*Renee and I have spent the last year or so in the most important city in the world, New York. You might enjoy my notes about the experience.

*We survived the blackout of 2003!

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