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Welcome to This Thing's Been Up For Almost Ten Years!


*03/03/11: Be sure to check out the articles below, I've been writing a lot of blog posts over the last few months. *12/27/10: Survived another insane year. Highlights: another baby boy (healthy & happy), wrote & presented a paper at a technical conference. *01/20/10: I finally got my followup to Big City Baby written - Big City Toddler! *04/07/09: Nothing too exciting, just wanted to let everyone know I am alive and very busy, what with the toddler and the job. *02/02/09: GE's defective light bulb could have burned down my house! *09/27/07: I've written a big new article I'm calling Big City Baby. This also helps explain why I haven't updated this site much in the last few months.

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